The Need for Tough Questions, Where’s Waldo?, The Next Frontier of Big Data, and The Future of Facebook

I find myself constantly asking questions, mostly because I’m curious by nature.  At times, it gets me into trouble, however most times it leads to a great dialogue.  Mark Parker, the CEO of Nike, leverages questions to push others to grow and empower them in their roles.

While I recall and used to enjoy the picture books where you had to find Waldo when I was growing up (and, to be honest, even now), there really is no question as to where computing is going and that is to the Cloud.  Ars Technica has a great article this week about exactly that, with both the history of Cloud Computing and the drive towards Hybrid solutions today.  We can all thank Salesforce for what we know as the Cloud today, although most folks point the finger at Amazon.

As we’ve seen by the explosion of The Internet of Things, Big Data is becoming more and more personal and while large enterprises still are pulling what they can from what they collect (and trying to make sense of the huge volumes), a lot of the development we can expect to see in Big Data will be driven by what consumers need the data to visualize for them.  This article from Inc. speaks directly to that point as well as the push that consumers will have to want to manipulate that data themselves.

Zuckerberg has huge plans for the future of Facebook, and his investors and employees have a great deal of faith in that vision.  Fast Company goes behind the brand this week and discusses where the company is headed, and what we might expect in the next decade.

Last, I’d like to take this opportunity in the wake of the attacks on Paris last week to share with all of you the ability to provide help if you would like for the victims of the Paris terror attacks.  Mashable has collected a number of resources that can use your help – you can view their thoughts here.

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