The Coming $1.5 Trillion Shift in Healthcare, How AI Is Feeding China’s Internet Dragon, Why You Should Try That Crazy Virtual Reality Headset + more

For those of us who spend time in the world of Healthcare, with the consolidation of payers, the promulgation of wearables consumers long to have interface with systems, and ongoing government reforms (with potentially massive ones in the pipes), it is hard for anyone in the vertical to sort out a strategy for the next few months, much less the next few years.  strategy+business digs deep into this arena this week, and their work is definitely worth the read.

Things are looking rocky at at least one of the many companies that roll up under Alphabet (nee Google) as this article details the conflict between Tony Fadell, the executive in charge of (and founder who sold) Nest.  Strife has broken out between Fadell and Dropcam’s Greg Duffy and Fadell might not jus tbe a bad boss – Nest is looking like a one hit wonder with software glitches that are plaguing their hardware.  While Fadell may have designed good products at Apple, he seems to have lost sight of Steve Jobs’ drive beauty not only on the outside of a product, but within and in the software that drives it.

I’ve been bringing up the effects and change being stoked by Artificial Intelligence of late and with good reason – it’s been heavy in the news cycles and it’s important for us all to be abreast of what’s coming next both for business and as consumers.  To that point, AI is being strongly leveraged in China to drive not only fun app uses but is also making existing products smarter and driving developers in their ideation.  Deep learning is being used in a variety of apps and platforms to identify and give meaning to abstract patterns that exist in the vast quantities of data being inputted.  It’s one of the ways we can expect to see data analytics evolve over the next few years, and a lot of that evolution is being driven in China.

Our friends at Goldman Sachs this week in their “What We’re Thinking” series share a few thoughts on the state of Tech financing and Innovation – check out the video if you have a chance.

Many of us spend a good portion of our time in airports and we can expect our experiences there streamlined through wayfinding and other tools soon.

There is a great article from late February about what’s next in computing by Chris Dixon that I just stumbled upon.  Dixon does a great job of talking about the product cycle of progress in the computing industry, and lays out what’s impacting the future today: small, cheap, and ubiquitous hardware, software and the golden age of AI, and the new generation of computers being created by that combination.

If I’m going to spend this much time on Artificial Intelligence, I guess I should give Virtual Reality its due.  The Wall Street Journal has a nice look at VR and how it can be leveraged in a slew of applications, not just for gaming.  Along with that, The Medium digs into how Oculus Rift cracked the impossible design of VR.  Along with that is the current state of Augmented Reality as seen at Build this week.

As a follow up to last week, I had shared a few articles about Tay, Microsoft’s venture into an AI bot that went a bit … awry.  Business Week has a great article on what drove Microsoft to create Tay, how bots, Satya Nadella’s first unique idea since taking over as CEO, can change how we interact with technology, and what those experiences might look and feel (conversations as a platform), built in deep learning.  Nadella event went on to demo bots at this week’s Build 2016 conference with solid results.

Last is a futuristic vision of the age of holograms brought to us by TED.  It involves holographic teleportation at around the eleven minute mark, which is a practical application of all that VR/AR tech discussed above that is here today.

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