Five For Friday: Blue Apron and the Amazon Effect, Code, Digital Transformations + more


Well, it’ll continue through a few more news cycles due to the magnitude of it, so best to get it out of the way first … Blue Apron had it’s IPO this week.  Wait, what?  Not what you expected?  Well, here’s the two of that punch: it IPO’ed at $10 a share, 70% off the original forecast high, which analysts think was driven by … you guessed it, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods.

From the NY Times this week was a great piece on how Tech firms have pushed coding into American classrooms … and, frankly, in classrooms around the world (and elsewhere in the world first).  And while it just turned two year’s old, Paul Ford’s article from Bloomberg entitled What is Code? continues to be a great read and refresher.  While we’re speaking of the world of tech, The Guardian had a piece about Technology startups being hostile to working mothers.  Google has also been in the news this week, but perhaps most interesting to me was this news that the search giant is now the “world’s largest job board.”  Interesting times lie ahead for all those job sites … cause Google will just inherently do it better given the data backing it up.

This might be useful amongst the ranks this week: how to interview engineers from Triplebyte.

Blockchain does continue to make waves, this week with the CEO of Nasdaq driving to modernize Wall Street with it.  And what delivered the best returns for the first half of 2017 to date?  Bitcoin and etheruem.

Last this week is an article from strategy+business about an emerging class of digital leaders that are being embraced by companies across the spectrum.  Digital transformation is going to be the focus for many over the next few years as companies attempt to manage/manipulate/make use of/gain insight from all the data being collected every second of every day … as others figure out how to collect data that is meaningful.  We’re seeing disruption not just come from companies that turn industries on their head, but by companies that are able to glean critical knowledge from the data at their fingertips.  If you’ve got time, I recommend two reads: Digital to the Core (from Gartner), which is at more of a strategic/overview level and Leading Digital, which connects the dots through from strategic to … well, not tactical implementation, but far enough down the path that you should be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This week from TED is Anab Jain, who brings the future to life, creating experiences where people can touch, see and feel the potential of the world to be created. Catch a glimpse of possible futures in this eye-opening talk.

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