How to Succeed in Business can be really trying …

Great organizations become great only when leaders lead, place a strong emphasis on both people and performance and are customer driven (1st AND/OR 3rd party).  Performance, however, has come to mean the financial statement and results returned, not the process along the way – in other words, we’re myopic in our obsession with results (and perhaps not even key ones) to the point where we ignore performance.  More rather than less (quantity) is being demanded of employees instead of quality and employees are cognizant of the fact that leaders are de-evolving and no longer leading but micromanaging.  As confidence is lost, employees lose flexibility and change becomes improbable.  As a result, organizational and people issues take/waste more time than before.  In fact, organizations today are typically focusing on the near term due to the rapid pace of change we all get caught up in shifting us from an attitude of long term winning by actively pursuing excellence and achieving value innovation to near term passing where we settle for mediocrity and risk obsolescence.  While the joke about radio station WIIFM is still relevant, it is being augmented/brought to the forefront by today’s organizations and Gen Y/Z.  So how do we fix it?

  • In order to win, companies need high impact leaders (PLURAL) who are committed to and passionate change agents with a humility and passion for excellence that spreads
  • Don’t be foolish enough to believe that you have to accomplish everything yourself – great people bring about greatness, not a solo act.
  • Train leaders to lead … but that requires both the people and the programs in place
  • Check reality regularly – get the pulse of your team … but also take a passive approach to monitoring (eg # of sick days/timing of sick days)
  • Make sure your leaders never lose touch with their people – keep your office door open and be “on the floor” as much as you can.
  • Make CULTURE a priority/key performance indicator by dedicating a team to it and then following through on their action items
  • Hire gold collar workers who are high in competence, forward thinking, focused on the right type of change and eager to grow and learn
  • Enable high performance teams and teamwork that gets results because it is structured for it, effective at group processes, hold effective/stylistically correct meetings and are true teams not groups of individuals
  • World class organizations that excel at performance, create a place where people love to work, provide excellent product and services both 1st and 3rd party and are known for quality

 Without the proper foundation, an organization will be destined for eventual failure.  Management alone doesn’t cut it anymore – you need to be a LEADER who has strong management skills. 

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